Biography note
1967 Born in Hong Kong
1990 Graduated in the Fine Art Department,
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
2010 Study Master of Arts in the Fine Art Department,
the Chinese University of Hong Kong
Selected Exhibitions
1988 Living with Art
(presented by HK Arts Centre)
1989 Triangle Expression ~ A three persons exhibition
(First Institute of Art & Design, Kowloon)

One Man Show
(Cheng Ming Gallery, The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Joint Exhibition of LEE Fuhung and students
(Joint Publishing Book Shop)

May Fourth Democracy & Science Art Show
(presented by the Institute for promotion of Chinese Culture)

Wa Gui Lun Jin Joint Exhibition of Modern Chinese Painting
(Cheng Ming Gallery, The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Those Happy Days Joint Exhibition of Childhood Painting
(Cheng Ming Gallery, The Chinese University of Hong Kong,
Shatin Town Hall Library, Tuen Mun Town Hall Library)

1990 Sin Yuen & Man Fung Yi Exhibition

Small Change Joint Exhibition
(Quart Society)

Graduation Exhibition 90 Finr Art Department, CUHK
(Art Gallery, the Institude of China Studies,
The Chinese Uniersity of Hong Kong)

Joint Exhibition of Modern Chinese Painting
(Jointly Organized by Fine Art Dept., CUHK & Kiangsu Art Museum,
exhibited in Nanjing and Shanghai)

1991 Sin Yuen Exhibition
(City Gallery, City Contemporary Dance Company)
1992 Joint Exhibition of Modern Chinese Painting
(Exhibited in Japan & Korea)

Philippe Charriol Modern Arts Exhibition
(Hong Kong)

Shun Shi Dong Xi
(Presented by the Alumni Assn. of the Fine Art Department, CUHK)

The Fourth Exhibition of Federation of Asian Art Association

Solo Exhibition by Sin Yuen
(HK Arts Centre)
1993 Philippe Chariol Modern Arts Exhibition
(Hong Kong)

Manulife Young Artists Series ’93
(Jointly organized by HK Arts Centre & Manulife Insurance Company,
exhibited at HK Arts Centre)

4 Sides & 4 Spheres: Start from sketches......

Black Box Exercise II & III
(presented by Zuni Icosahedron,
exhibited At Sheung Wan Civic Centre & the HK University of Science and Technology)

1996 RESTRICTED EXPOSURE : Private Content, Public View
(Jointly presented by the HK Festival Fringe and the Urban Council at City Hall Low Block)

Contemporary Hong Kong Art Biennial 1996
(presented by the HK Museum of Art)
1997 Hong Kong Incarnated: Prelude; past / present / future
(presented by HK Arts Centre)

Where Creativity Meets: A Celebration in Art
(HK Convention Centre, New Wing)

Recollection of memories: Installation by Sin Yuen
(Para/Site Central at Hanart TZ Gallery)
1998 New Voice: Contemporary Art Dialogue Among Taipei, Hong Kong and Shanghai
(Jointly organized by National Taiwan Art Education Institute,
Dimensions Art Centre and HK Arts Centre, exhibited in Hong Kong and Taipei)
2000 Free Tribe
(presented by the HK Arts Centre in association with Chung Hwa Book Co.,(HK) Ltd.,
exhibited at Arts Centre)
2001 Wo….Man: Feminine Art
(Old Ladies House, Calcada da Igreja S.Lazaro, Macau)
2002 Social Club
(Para/Site Art Space)

Start from the body......painted works by Sin Yuen
(Para/Site Art Space)

Art Care. Hospital Gallery: Works by Sin Yuen
(presented by Art in Hospital and LCSD at Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital)
2003 Women wante ~ an exhibition of Hong Kong woman artists
(presented by the Hong Kong Heritage Museum)

runaway tee design exhibition

Local accent – 12 artists from Hong Kong
(presented by Para/Site Art Space, exhibited in Pickled Art Centre, Beijing)
2005 re:wanchai ~ Hong Kong International Artists’ Workshop 2005
(presented by the AiR Assn.Ltd.,
co-presented by TriangleArtsTrust, St. James’ Settlement, at corner house, Wanchai)

Mirror Space – Recent Paintings by Sin Yuen
(the attic, habitus, 3/F Western Market, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong)
2010 Lui Chun Kwong: You are Here, I am Not. From Ho Siu Kee to Kwong Chun Hei
(presented by Osage at Osage Kwung Tong)
2012 Let the works speaks for themselves : Installation by Sin Yuen and Phoebe Man
(Fotan Open Studio Programme 2012)

“SEE SAW” CUHK MA Fine Art Graduation Show
(Art Gallery, the Institute of China Studies, The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
2013 Fotan Open Studio Programme 2013
2014 白線的張力﹣中國現代水墨藝術大展

(國立臺灣師範大學美術學系主辦, 台灣師大德群畫廊)
1993 Most Promising Artist Award (Painting section)
(presented by Philippe Charriol Modern Art Foundation)
1996 Participation in “Art in Hospital” Project
(at Margaret Grench Medical Rehabitation Centre, organized by HK Arts Centre)
Public Collection
  The Hong Kong Museum of Art
The Hong Kong Heritage Museum