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Category: CornerII

Corner II (2012)

Starting from a line ……
My recent works are all about the diversity of lines expression. Starting from the
trace of water dripping to the adoption of traditional Chinese line drawing……,

With the proficiency of craftsmanship, I express myself through repeated motif
and to show a kind of restrained as well as delicate interest. The dimensional
changes through space, enhance the effect of layers development.

Using lines to describe a space, by outline those element which always being
overlook in our daily life. Mapping ready-made objects in a specific space with lines,
strengthen the spatial relationship between objects and the space , ensure their
value of existence even after their original function being removed.

Lines summarize and flattened a three dimension space, just like those traditional
Chinese line paintings, which always outline the form of irregular objects ,like cloud
and water.This formalized a space.

The use of ultra-violet lighting provide a chance of introspecting the routine way of observing

Acrylic on tape, UV light
Dimension variable
(photo site dimension:195cm x 226cm x 375cm)

(照片場地尺寸: 195cm x 226cm x 375cm

Turns lines into three dimensions, create relief-like object…
Making two dimension lines become tangible……
Form of three-dimensional lines, reflect on wall Creates lines with the reflection of water……

Interaction between reflection and shadow of real and fake water, create another two dimension space on the wall, this echo with the real space

The dimensional changes through space, enhance the effect of layers development.

The motif, composition ….. all are my signature, reflecting my own aesthetic preference. The works speak for themselves.